Second day in the hospital

We started the day by rounding on our two patients from the day before who were doing fantastic. Next, we went to discuss the case ahead for the day which was a young man who sustained head trauma in during a car accident and was subsequently intubated and put on breathing machine for 18 days. The tube caused a lot of scarring in his trachea and he has had a trach for the past 4 years.


We were able to open up his airway and place a stent (which Dr. Mirambeaux received from another family in the United States) that will allow his airway to heal.

The hospital does not supply any needed supplies for the physicians. Dr. Mirambeaux orders his trachs from Ebay when he needs them. They do not have nurses who scrub in and assist in the cases. This is performed by the residents.

The critical care team spent the day caring for the patients and learning the culture of the hospital. Everybody at the hospital seemed very receptive to learning about how to care for this type of patients. After the surgery, the anesthesiologist stayed with our patient until he was fully recovered.


Light handle cover

Light handle cover