Patient Stories: Christopher

Christopher, our second patient is a 14 year old boy who had sustained a trauma from falling off a horse 2 years ago. He had a metal trach in place that he kept covered with a bandana from a prolonged intubation and had no voice. He had had a failed reconstruction in the past and desperately wanted his trach removed and to speak. He had not been to school for 2 years because it was felt that it was dangerous to be in school with a trach. He was a quiet but polite boy, tall and lanky and cooperative. He and his Mom were open, loving. Trusting and grateful for the possibility of decannulation and the ability to speak and return to normal life.


Christopher also did well in surgery. In the immediate post op period Christopher was sad and angry that the trach was still in place. He had not understood that this was a 1.5 stage procedure. He did extremely well in the post op course requiring minimal sedation and pain control despite a nasal ETT and a new temporary trach. He was up out of bed in a day and anxious to use his phone and look at himself in the phone mirror. He was excellent with communicating with us since he had learned to compensate without a voice for the last two years. It was so great to see the patients up after surgery and not sedated.