Patient Stories: Luisa

Luisa was our first and youngest patient who sat with expressive eyes, huge smiles a friendly face and an extremely hoarse voice.

Ready for surgery

Ready for surgery

Her Mother was totally grateful for the possibility to hear her voice. She had had a temporary trach in the past after an attempted repair. She sat stoically while our doctors performed a brisk flexible bronch about 2 minutes after meeting her. She and her mother instantly trusted our medical staff.

The next day in the pre-op area Luisa and Mom were very nervous yet grateful. Mom would not leave the preop area while Luisa was in surgery. The surgery took hours. There is no family waiting room and no food or coffee allowed anywhere in the hospital except the café. The ICU had very strict visiting rules of 20 minutes in the am and afternoon. She sat alone for hours. We tried our best to reassure her.

Luisa arrived post op to a busy PICU with only 2 nurses for 5 critically ill patients. We did not observe a formal sign out but the staff was clearly ready for our girl. The intensivists wrote the orders and the nurses picked up and prepared meds. A cardboard box arrived with over 100 glass vials that needed to be broken open and drawn up for use. Because they were very busy they allowed us to draw up the Fentany and Versed drips from tiny glass vials with 2cc/vial, so over 20 vials per infusion.


The bed space is set up before hand with the minimal supplies that they had. Their Nurses were tending to a very ill patient and were distracted during Luisa’s arrival and allowed us to assist with her transition to the PICU. To lessen the need for the very limited sedation meds available the plan was made to allow Luisa to be on very light sedation and spontaneous ventilation. In order to prepare for admission.

Luisa’s parents were lovely and patient yet anxious to see her. Mom is a nurse, and Dad a tourist policeman in Punta Cana. Her Mom rapidly formed a bond with our other patient’s Mother and one of Luisa’s first questions was “Where is Cristopher?” despite having only met him the day before.