Despite the pouring rain in Santo Domingo, we had a wonderful evening. Upon arrival to the hospital, we were warmly welcomed by Dr. Marco Mirambeaux.  We were able to meet five lovely children with airway obstruction, looking for help opening their airways in order to eventually be without their tracheotomies. They were thrilled to see us and many of them were grinning ear to ear (even though we scoped all of them).

We will do our first two major procedures tomorrow morning and do a diagnostic bronchoscopy in the afternoon. We have a wonderful team including:

Christopher Hartnick, MD (Pediatric Otolaryngologist)

Nathan Noviski, MD (Pediatric Intensivist)

Phoebe Yager, MD (Pediatric Intensivist)

Carissa Wentland, DO (Pediatric Otolaryngology Fellow)

Jennifer Samiotes, RN (Pediatric Critical Care Nurse)

Sarah Buck, RN (Pediatric Critical Care Nurse)